1897 - Average Offering was 80¢. 1899 - The Minister's Salary was $210 per year. 1899 - Rent of Parsonage was $3.50 per month. 1913 - A choir was organized. 1930 - Womens Missionary Society organized. (40 members in 1941) 1930 - Otterbein Guild organized. (22 members in 1941) 1935- A new record for attendance was set at the Spring Rally. There were 297 present and a cash offering was $263. 1941- The Seventieth Anniversary was observed with a total attendance of 358 and offering of $27.86 for four nights of services. The Budget for that year was $200.00. 1942- The Choir Gowns were introduced on Palm Sunday and Easter. The Senior Gowns were black with white collars and the Junior Choir's were white with red and blue stoles. 1942 -A 71st, Victory Celebration was held with a service, when the last note against the church was burned, upon the same plate on which the original note had been burned thirty years ago. 1946 -The First Church Bulletins were printed. 1950 -Dedication of Pulpit Scarfs was held. 1954 -Dedication of NEW Choir Robes (Maroon with white collars). 1966 -Hired a Choir Director (Leb. Valley College Student). 2002 -November 11, Church web site was put online. Cost was $4.95 per month. 2013 -March, Mortgage was paid off.